Off Season in Crested Butte


Off Season, Shoulder Season, Mud Season - whatever name you give it, it’s the time of the year in Crested Butte when the ski area is closed, the snow is still falling (and melting), and we all get the itch for summer.

It’s a favorite time of year for most locals because town moves at a slower pace, we all can take the time to catch up, get that nordic ski in, start running outside, and get our bikes tuned up for the miles of trails ahead. So what are the best off-season activities in Crested Butte???


Top 5 must mud season activities:

  1. Bench Sitting. This is probably the most quintessential spring, off-season activity in Crested Butte. It’s pretty easy- just grab your favorite book or the Crested Butte News, maybe a portable speaker, favorite coffee shop drink, and pick a bench on the ‘sunny side’ of Elk Avenue. You can do this solo and talk to people as they pass by or go with a friend. Either way, remember your sunscreen!

  2. Go for a run! Pick a dry day and one of the many great dirt roads just outside of town. Turn your music down so that you can be aware of cars. Keep your eyes out for the bears that are waking up and the pasque flowers that pop up in April.

  3. Head to your favorite Crested Butte restaurant before they close for a bit. Check with the Chamber of Commerce to see who’s staying open and who’s closing.

  4. In a year with such great snowfall, you may have neglected your nordic skis or fat bike. Dust em’ off and get out early for the best conditions. Check out the Crested Butte Nordic Center for recommended trails, and the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association for the latest Fat Bike Grooming Reports.

  5. Walk your dogs! Don’t have a dog? Walk a friend’s dog!


Okay now that you have some ideas, here’s your plan:

Take the morning off and get ready to soak up some vitamin D and refresh your spirit.

Head to town via walking, biking, or driving (but then park).

Stop at the Daily Dose for a fresh smoothie, hot tea, or coffee of choice. Head over to Elk Avenue and pick your favorite bench. Once you’ve talked to at least 5 people, it’s time to get moving! Walk or bike down to From the Ground Up and pick out that perfect little house plant. Then, head back up towards Clark’s Market and stop at FIN+ALLY and build your own foliage bouquet to take home.

Splash in puddles along the way, soak up the sunshine and the mud and know that summer will be here so so soon!

When the itch for summer really sets in, it’s time to plan a trip to the desert! Check back next week for my top 3 desert getaways for offseason!

holly harmon