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Lovely vacation rental located in the town of Crested Butte, CO on the bus stop, within walking distance to shops and restaurants.

Everything you need for that little get away to paradise, this 1 bedroom, 1 bath cabin is a renovated historic barn/shed with top end finishes including reclaimed oak floors, quartz & Colorado marble countertops, and all new appliances. Located on the bus loop in the heart of historic downtown Crested Butte, you just need to bring your toys to play with and get out! Fully stocked and ready for your adventures with you, your significant other and kiddo if you have a couple or less. 


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“Inspired by coal-mining cabins and New England cottages, Sherratt incorporated a mix of reclaimed materials, clean white walls and pops of color in the interiors. Furnishings with built-in storage keep clutter at bay, while sliding barn doors and a multi-purpose kitchen island maximize the small space’s square footage. The finished cabin (referred to as “Chicken Little”) is a cozy getaway that captures both the heart and history of Crested Butte.”

“The kitchen and living spaces seamlessly flow together, providing ample space to entertain. “People are always blown away when they open the door and walk in,” Sherratt says. “It’s very open and comfortable, and it’s amazing how that small of a space can feel so inviting.” Hanging above the pantry door, a portrait of a horse gives a nod to the cabin’s equestrian roots. ”



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Visit the Tourism Association and the Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce.